They feed on dried products such as dates, raisins, prunes, flour, bran, peas, grain, milled cereal products, dog food, nuts, candy, macaroni, spaghetti and cheese. Most require high moisture but can adapt to low moisture conditions. They also cannot live long at low temperatures.

Rice weevil or black weevil (order: Coleoptera)

  • Adult reddish brown, 4 light red or yellow spots on wingcovers, punctures on pronotum round
  • Feeds on a variety of grains
  • Female bore holes in grain kernel, deposits single egg and seal with gelatinous fluid( life span 4-5 months)
  • Larva and pupa leave in Kernel
  • Adults can fly and emerge through irregular exit holes
  • Most destructive.

Granary weevil

– No markings, no functional wings and punctures on pronotum oval

– feed only on grain in storage and can’t fly

– Adult resistant to cold and hibernate in winter

Angoumois grain moth (order lepidoptera)

  1. Yellowish white, pale front wings and pointed hind wings
  2. Habitat: homes, warehouses and stores
  3. Eggs laid on or near grain
  4. Larvae bore into kernel and feed inside and pupate.
  5. Attacks corn, wheat and other grain seeds

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