Class Arachnida

  • Have 8 legs
  • Two body parts (cephalothorax and abdomen).
  • No wings or antennae
  • Most are beneficial as they feed on insects.
  • Many species

Black Widow Spider

  • Round
  • Shiny black abdomen with 2 reddish or yellowish triangles underneath
  • Males smaller than females
  • Feeds on insects trapped in webs usually made under boards, seats and stone
  • Not found in homes
  • Venom affects nervous system: Causes cramps, weakness, tremors, restlessnes and difficulty in breathing and can cause death if anti-venom not administered.

Brown Recluse Spider

  • Yellow to dark brown with violin-shaped mark on cephalothorax
  • 3/10”- ½”
  • Found in homes and other buildings (bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, garages, basements and cellars)
  • Runs if disturbed
  • Bee-like sting causing sores that heall slowly leaving a large ugly scar

Control of Spiders

  • Vacuum
  • Treat with pyrethroids and residual sprays on dark areas and corners
  • Dust Attics, crawl spaces and wall voids