Rosquitoes are a big problem all over the world. They are a nuisance and transmit various diseases from man to man and mammals to man. Some of this diseases are very deadly and cause a lot of deaths i.e. Malaria in Africa has never had any cure. Other diseases include West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, filariasis, encephalitis, dengue, Zika and many more. Some diseases cause birth defects i.e. Zika. You can never eradicate mosquitoes but for sure you can control them using various methods. On how to control this problem please contact us.

  • Complete metamorphosis (egg, larva, pupa and adult).
  • Egg- laid single or in groups on water services that will be covered with water
  • Larva- Develop in water feeding on organic materials; different species live in different type of water, breathe air by coming to the service and some attach to plants and are very active.
  • Pupa- Very active but does not feed; lasts 1to several days and rises to the surface when ready to emerge.
  • Adult- Male emerges first. Female must have a blood meal to produce fertile eggs.
Eggs laid on soil or on surface to be covered in water. Withstands dry for long periods and may hatch within minutes to 1 day after flooding. (a) Salt-marsh mosquitoes -found in coastal areas. Are strong flyers (over 10 miles) (b) Tree Holes mosquitoes (c) Artificial containers (flower vases, tires, cans etc
Eggs laid on surface of water:

(a) Anopheles- Eggs laid singly usually among aquatic plants. Each egg floats and larva lie parallel to water surface.

(b) Mansonia- Eggs laid in rafts; Larvae and pupa insert air tube into aquatic plants to obtain air. Pupa remain attached until ready to emerge and development requires several months.

(c) Culex- Eggs laid in rafts and some in artificial containers.

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