Bedbugs many other pests live on their hosts which is you. They attack at night while you are sleeping and suck blood from your. It is a big problem all over the country and may even get worse. Bedbugs get to your house through luggage from motels, infested furniture, mattresses, sheets, bedposts and box springs. They hide underneath and also in baseboards.

Bedbugs can go without food for a year or more and just lay flat until a host is available. They can survive very high temperature making it difficult to detect because they are nocturnal. Large infestations may cause some odor and leave itchy and bloody welts on the skin.


It can be very costly to inspect and treat for bedbugs which can only be done by a professional. Some tips to help prevent bedbugs are:

(i) Inspect your luggage after visiting a mote

(ii) Don’t keep your luggage on the floor in a motel

(iii) Inspect furniture and beds and mattresses getting into you home

(iv) Seek professional advise

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